Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wayne Rooney shaved his chest hair into a ’19′

First of all, I'm sorry. Even if you're a Man United fan, I'm sure this isn't an image you ever wanted to see. But after the club clinched their 19th league title with a 1-1 draw against Blackburn and retired back to the dressing room, Wayne Rooney felt compelled to shave his chest hair into a� '19' to celebrate. And then he tweeted this picture along with a one-word message: "Champions."

Shortly after, Michael Owen (who is still technically a Manchester United player) tweeted, "None of us thought Wazza would send that picture! He is madder than we thought!!!" Indeed, he is.

To be honest, it's pretty impressive that Rooney, who scored Man United's lone goal with a penalty, didn't do it backwards looking in the mirror (or upside down). Still, I'm sure you can donate any meals you planned on eating this week, but have now been turned off, to a local homeless shelter.

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