Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alex Ferguson wishes he pulled Anfield banner prank himself

You might think that at this stage of his long and storied career, 69-year-old Sir Alex Ferguson's ideal celebration for Manchester United's record 19th title would be drinking a nice bottle of wine and having a quiet dinner with his loved ones. And if you think that you're incredibly wrong. He actually would've preferred to sneak into Anfield during Liverpool's match against Spurs, hang a banner that read "MUFC 19" and escape the city in a getaway car.

When asked about the Man United fans who did just that on Sunday, Sir Alex shared his fantasy (via the Guardian):

"I wish I had taken that banner to Liverpool on Sunday," Ferguson said. "I bet there were 76,000 fans wishing they had thought of that."

Sounds like someone has been talking to Jose Mourinho too much.

It would have been mind-blowing if Ferguson had actually taken part in the prank, though. He would've obviously needed some kind of disguise to get in the stadium undetected, so that alone would've been hilarious. Then if he was caught in the act, Liverpool fans probably would've been too shocked that it was actually him doing it to punish him. For about eight seconds.

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