Saturday, May 28, 2011

Candice Crawford, Danica Patrick, LeBron James and Saturday's Sports News

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will marry Candice Crawford in the Arlington Hall Mansion on Saturday.

Danica Patrick is getting ready for the Indy 500, but she may switch to NASCAR full-time. Despite the fact that she rarely appears in the winner’s circle, she is the face of car racing. NASCAR has the better market value, and being that Patrick loves the spotlight, she may choose to ditch the IndyCar Series.

Michael Jordan who? Well, apparently Scottie Pippen needs to be reminded why he has six NBA Championship rings on his fingers because Friday he labeled Jordan the greatest scorer ever, and LeBron the greatest player. It’s a real shame rings don’t mean anything to people anymore.

Right Tony Romo? If football people had the same thinking as basketball people, Romo’s ringless fingers wouldn’t mean anything. We’d be having discussions, Tom Brady vs. Tony Romo, better yet, Joe Montana.

Stay tuned for more news throughout the day.

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