Friday, May 27, 2011

DTotD: Reina, Skrtel and Lucas take down a naked man

In addition to the daring Manchester United fans with their banner prank, Liverpool also had to do with a pitch invader late in the second half of its loss to Spurs on Sunday. And making it all that much worse, the guy was completely naked except for a pair of black socks.

Even though his footwear caused him to slip a couple of times, the stewards couldn't catch up to him as he ran around the pitch wasting everyone's time. So, the Liverpool trio of Pepe Reina, Lucas and Martin Skrtel converged to bring him down, with Lucas taking the brunt of his naked impact.

The three footballers really did an impressive job here, though. Such an impressive job that they really should have their own TV show that follows them around as they work security at concert halls and sporting events together this summer.

Video via Z czuba

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