Friday, May 27, 2011

Fans rush to get Pacquiao’s song release

Manny Pacquiao's put his second love to bed for a while. But rest assured "Pacman" will be singing as soon as his business in the ring is over.

Boxing's top draw appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show to sing and promote the release of his collaborative CD with Dan Hill. If you like variety this isn't the CD for you. If you like Manny a lot and the song "Sometimes When We Touch," you'd better hit quickly.

The Manila Bulletin reports for 9.99 you get:

The result of their team-up is a two-disc set containing seven versions of the song (including remixes and an instrumental), as well as a bonus DVD featuring the making of "Sometimes When We Touch"---which, notably, resulted in Dan's success as a recording artist. The album, also called "Sometimes When We Touch," has been made available on iTunes and on April 28, the day of his "Kimmel" appearance.

Hill says Pacman has vocal skills.

"He's got a great voice. He's a very, very gifted guy. You could be a really good singer and still not have a good ear, meaning you may not be able to retain a melody if I sing it to you one time. I could sing Manny anything one time and he'll sing it back to me perfectly," Dan enthused in an interview posted on

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Last week's appearance was No. 4 on the Kimmel Show for Pacquiao. It's become part of his prefight routine.

"I think it's some kind of lucky because I always came here before my fight," said Manny, whose much-awaited bout with Shane Mosley takes place on May 7 in Las Vegas.

"I'm like a big fat rabbit's foot," quipped Jimmy.

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