Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mosley says he’s ready for big fight, Camp Pacquiao believes it

Shane Mosley gassed and got picked apart by Floyd Mayweather. Even more damning was his lackluster fight against Sergio Mora. So how is he going to compete with the best fighter in the business? It sure looks like age has caught up with "Sugar" Shane and he's in real trouble against Manny Pacquiao.

Mosley, 39, says ignore the last two fights.

"I don't think those fights have anything to do with what I do against Pacquiao, because styles make fights," said Mosley during a prefight teleconference. "But if it wasn't for those two fights, I probably wouldn't be here today. So those fights were needed."

Needed for what? Was he lacking experience or rounds? Or did he need to look lackluster to get this fight with Pacquiao? That's up for interpretation.

If you listen to Bob Arum, Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao, they chose Mosley based on his history as an action fighter who could help sell pay-per-views, not because he's an easy mark.

"Mosley brings speed, power and he has a good team behind him. I think we have a big challenge ahead of us. Manny is motivated and he's motivated for a reason because of Shane Mosley.� That means he respects him also. That's what excites us about this fight," said Roach.

Camp Pacquiao is also motivated to stop a guy in Mosley, who's never been taken out short of the distance.

"If the knockouts come, they come.� What matters is the fight that we can give to the people and the fans. I want them to be happy and excited about our performance," said Pacquiao.

Roach was more definitive about the fighter's goal.

"Shane's a tough guy, a very durable guy.� It would be incredible for Manny to be the first one to stop him and just prove to the world how much better he is than that guy that couldn't stop him (Floyd Mayweather, Jr.).� I think Manny will fight at a fast pace.� I don't know if he'll (Mosley) be prepared to fight at that pace but we're going to force the action and we're going to go for it this time. If it comes, it comes.� I think Manny is definitely the guy to do it."

You can watch the Pacquiao-Mosley pay-per-view right here on Yahoo! Sports.

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