Monday, May 23, 2011

Messi scolded for drumming on airplane emergency exit

The atmosphere on Barcelona's plane ride home from their title clinching 1-1 draw against Levante was understandably raucous. There were champagne toasts, signing and banging on the overhead compartments. And in�Lionel Messi's attempt to join in, he banged on the wall of the plane next to his seat. Except the wall wasn't a wall -- it was an emergency exit and�as he slapped it, a piece fell off.

He was able to reattach it, but the pilot still wasn't happy and took to the PA system to tell everyone to settle down as Messi looked to the back of the plane with the wide-eyed expression of a little kid that just got called out by the teacher for passing notes in class. It's just a good thing his mom wasn't there.

"Please don't take away my Legos."

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