Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maradona’s Al Wasl motivation is…unsurprising

Be honest -- the first thing you thought when you heard that Maradona accepted an offer to coach UAE club Al Wasl was: "Somebody just got paid." Well, the man himself has finally spoken on the matter and he confirms it: You were right.

From the AP:

"It's a marvelous experience," Maradona told the TyC sports channel. "It's the chance to be in a country where perhaps there aren't many stars, but there's a squad to command and good money."

Good money and a club that will let him command. The honesty there is nice (and is the diplomatic way he began his statement, for other reasons) and good money is definitely something he needs considering that massive Italian tax bill he still has hanging over his head and reaching into his pockets (and ears) every time he visits.

So with that clarified, now we just have to hope that every match he manages is televised internationally.

Photo: AP

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