Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rooney decides he really did want to leave Man Utd, admits wrong

Way back in October, Wayne Rooney halted the angry mob that was literally at his front gate and strangled a fat new deal out of Manchester United after claiming the club couldn't match his ambition and demanding a transfer. Shortly after this, it was reported that Rooney confessed to a fan that he never intended to actually leave Man United.

But now, he tweaks his story once again and makes it clear that he wasn't just angling for a new contract and that he really did have delusions that the club couldn't match his lofty ambitions. And with the Man United sitting in first place in the Premier League and likely to make an appearance in the Champions League final, Wayne can see that he was being a bit of a silly goose before.

From the Guardian:

"I made a mistake," he volunteered and, up close, you could detect he felt uncomfortable with all the self-analysis ? maybe even a little foolish. "You know, when I look back at it now, I'll say it again, how wrong was I? I'm willing to admit that. I've apologised and ever since then I have wanted to try to prove myself again to the fans. I feel I am doing that now." [...]

"I'm delighted with my form at the minute and I'm grateful to the fans for supporting me through it [his transfer demands]," he said, nursing a cup of coffee and noticeably relaxed compared with the player who had concluded that Old Trafford was a place where his career would stagnate rather than flourish. "I hope I've repaid the fans now. I certainly feel vindicated [for changing my mind]. It's going to be a great end to the season if we can get to Wembley and win a Champions League final as well as the league."

So, Wayne's playing well, he's having fun, he's admitted he was wrong and he's apologized. It's like nothing bad/disloyal/death threaty ever happened.

It's easy to have faith in the good times. And that's not only all that really matters, but it's what shows one's true character...right?

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