Thursday, May 5, 2011

French tennis star Marion Bartoli says she has an IQ of 175

Albert Einstein's IQ was reportedly around 160. Marion Bartoli laughs at such feeble-mindedness.

The top-ranked French player recently told reporters from her home country that she had an IQ of 175*, a score that's 40 points higher than the MENSA cut-off and better than some of the greatest thinkers in history, like Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Thomas Edison.

She was asked about the comments by reporters following a semifinal win at the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells.

"I did a test when I was younger, but I'm not really someone that is really telling everyone, 'Oh, I'm so smart.' I'm kind of hiding it. But that's how I am, you know. It just comes naturally.�That's how I was born with."

Interesting, because it sounds exactly like you're the sort of person that's telling everyone "I'm so smart." Then again, I have the IQ of a mere mortal, so maybe I can't think on that higher plane.

Bartoli's father is a doctor who enjoys chess, which evidently explains her genius-level intelligence. But, I ask you, would somebody so brilliant serve like this?

On second thought, maybe the herky-jerky serving motion is a product of higher-level thinking and we're all too intellectually inferior to realize it. Either way, Bartoli should be harnessing her smarts for good. Einstein came up with the theory of relativity with his feeble mind. Bartoli can't even come up with a theory on how to beat Caroline Wozniacki (she lost in three sets to the world No. 1 on Sunday).

* Yahoo! cannot officially verify Bartoli's claims, but we can take a guess.

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