Thursday, May 5, 2011

Avon Cobourne takes Twitter shot at Chris Bosh

Today's Los Angeles Lakers - Miami Heat NBA clash is clearly being watched by many professional athletes to the north, with tons of CFL players weighing in on it. Definitely the most intriguing tweet thus far has been one by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' big off-season signing, though. After leaving Montreal in free agency and signing with Hamilton, plenty are expecting running back Avon Cobourne (pictured above hoisting the Grey Cup at Montreal's Dec. 1 victory parade) to make a substantial impact on the field this coming year. It looks like he may also be attempting to fill Otis Floyd's role as one of the team's key trash talkers, if this tweet he sent to Montreal radio host Moe Khan about former Toronto Raptors' star Chris Bosh is any indication:

"Poop butt"? Cobourne might need to step up his insult game a little before the CFL season starts. Still, at least he's not afraid to go after the big names (although he's hardly the only one who's taken potshots at Bosh, and most of those are a lot funnier). Bosh is taking the criticism in stride, though; at the half, he leads the Heat with 16 points and four rebounds. After the jump, a couple of other thoughts from CFL personalities on this game:

— Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers' linebacker Derrick Doggett is clearly a fan of the Heat:

— And Saskatchewan Roughriders' defensive back Tad Kornegay wants a pox on both their houses:

As you can see, that's not the greatest collection of tweets ever found, so there's plenty of work for the CFL's players to do. We like to be helpful here at 55-Yard Line, so here are some other potential nicknames for any CFL player looking to further insult Bosh, hopefully both funnier and more intelligent than Cobourne's simple "poop butt":

— "RuPaul"

— "Chris the Cable Guy"

— Chris "Who's The?" Bosh

— "The Bosh Pit" (plenty of ineffective jumping around)

— For the Heat as a whole, "Two And A Half Men" (LeBron is clearly Charlie Sheen, but they're not #winning at the moment)

— "Bosh.0"

— "Miami's Vice"

— And perhaps the most devastating, "Bosh Spice".

Have your own suggestions for what Cobourne should have called Bosh? Leave them in the comments, or send them to me on Twitter.

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