Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Serena returns to the tennis court wearing skintight, pink bodysuit

Serena Williams is back on the tennis court for the first time since a health scare sidelined her two months ago. And, in typical Serena fashion, she did so in style:

What, you expected the woman who once wore this to a US Open to practice in a tennis skirt and sweater vest? If Serena is coming back, it's going to be with some gusto.

The 13-time Grand Slam champion had been hinting at a return to the court for the past few days on her Twitter account. Cryptic messages like "my life starts today" and "back on the shakes" foreshadowed Tuesday's practice session, which was announced in the third-person and later confirmed by her agent.

The outfit, however, was a complete surprise. It's not like Serena had given any warnings that she had recently watched Molly Ringwald in "Pretty In Pink" or was reading "Catwoman" comic books.

There's no word as of yet on when Serena will return to competitive play. It'll come in time. For now, just seeing her on the court with a racquet in her hand is good news enough.

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