Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Real Madrid accuse Busquets of racist taunts against Marcelo

Just in time for UEFA's announcement that they have rejected both Real Madrid and Barcelona's complaints relating to the first leg of their Champions League semifinal, Real have released a video in which they accuse Sergio Busquets of taunting Marcelo with racial slurs during the match (skip ahead to 1:50 into the video above).

The video starts with discussion of Frank de Bleeckere -- one of the referees Jose Mourinho suggested was a part of a UEFA/Barcelona conspiracy -- and his appointment to take charge of the second leg before recapping Busquets "peek-a-boo" routine against Inter last season. It then moves to Pepe's phantom red card in the first leg and, finally, a clip of Busquets covering his mouth as he appears to call Marcelo a "mono" (monkey).

Outrage over this first spread last week on forums like ONTD, but it seemed slow to get the attention of officials, despite FIFA's constant claims to proactively fight against racism.

Since we can't hear Busquets and can only read his lips, you hope that this isn't actually what he said, but it's Sergio Busquets -- he's not exactly known as the most honest and, uh, upstanding of individuals.

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