Friday, May 6, 2011

People care that Becks wore medal wrong at the royal wedding

Well, Davey Becks ruined the royal wedding. He was the only footballer invited to the shindig and he ruined the whole thing. William and Kate will probably get divorced. The United Kingdom will surely crumble. And it's all Davey's fault.

It's been noted numerous other places, but if you haven't heard and you're somehow looking at the above picture of a nicely dressed man standing beside his wife and not seeing the pedantic mistake he made once he put on his custom Ralph Lauren suit, well -- he's wearing his Order of the British Empire medal on the wrong lapel. It's apparently supposed to be on his left lapel and he's wearing it on the right. He was awarded the order in 2003 and it seems he hasn't read the directions for wearing the thing yet.

But in Beckham's defense, this is a whirlwind trip for him. He's flying right back to the U.S. to try and prove he does care about MLS by making an effort to play in the L.A. Galaxy's match in Dallas on Saturday. Which will also be a glamorous event. At Pizza Hut Park.

UPDATE: Rejoice! Because it appears that once Davey got inside Westminster Abbey, someone clued him in on how to wear his OBE medal before the ceremony began...

Still, he pretty much ruined the whole wedding.

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