Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pele to use his mind tricks to stop Ganso move to Milan

Pele never played for a European club and, yet again, he's trying to ensure that today's talented young Brazilians don't, either. At least, the ones who play for Santos, his former club.

With AC Milan looking to make a move for 21-year-old Ganso, Pele is planning to use his not at all famous powers of persuasion to convince Ganso to resist the allure of money, international fame and new challenges to stay with Santos.

From Football Italia:

Interviewed by Brazilian radio station Jovem Pan, Pele said: "Ganso and I will have a chat. I know that he is happy here. If it were to depend on me, he would stay for life."

Translation: He would handcuff Ganso to a radiator in his basement.

"I believe the situation is similar to that of Neymar [who turned down Chelsea a year ago], and I am confident.

"A brief chat with Neymar was enough to convince him to stay and I also believe that Ganso will understand that it's the best thing for the moment.

"I will talk to him and I am convinced that he will decide to stay."

So what will Pele say to Ganso that will magically eliminate any desire to go abroad? Nothing. He will stare at him and hold a ball between their heads until Ganso says he will stay as long as Pele promises to leave him alone.

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