Sunday, May 15, 2011

Man City reset the clock, Joe Hart gets eaten by ribbon monster

The good news for Man City: Their FA Cup win on Saturday allowed them to break out an updated version of the famous banner at Old Trafford that has been counting off their 35 years without a trophy. City executive Garry Cook said himself earlier this season that the banner drove them nuts, so I'm sure they're happy to be rid of that. I'm also sure Manchester United fans will come up with something that will drive them just as nuts in place of it, though.

The bad news: Shortly after the final whistle, goalkeeper Joe Hart was eaten by a ribbon monster...

He was so busy celebrating that he didn't even notice when it latched onto him and started swallowing him whole. Sad.

The, uh, other news: Carlos Tevez got a shiny new hat...

Also, he might have gone cross-eyed.

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