Sunday, May 8, 2011

John McEnroe makes news for talking loud at a restaurant

John McEnroe is back in the tabloids for controversial behavior, this time because the irrepressible bad boy ... talked loud at a restaurant?

Page Six has the breathless report:

John McEnroe annoyed fellow diners at Recipe, on the Upper West Side, Tuesday night by loudly recounting tales of his tennis glory days. The court legend entertained his wife and two friends with stories of "beating Bjorn Borg " and other victories. "He was several decibels louder than the average restaurant noise. It was obnoxious," said a spy.

If talking loud at a restaurant is bad boy behavior, then my dad is James Dean.

It'd be bigger news if McEnroe went to a restaurant and didn't talk loudly about Bjorn Borg. What's most surprising is that the old tennis champ wasn't boasting about that time he partied with The Rolling Stones.

And you know what's more obnoxious than McEnroe's alleged offense? Someone calling up Page Six to complain about it.

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