Sunday, May 22, 2011

Henry Burris: quarterback, outstanding player, pop star?

Earlier this month, the web was hit with perhaps the most bizarre music video in a long while, Rebecca Black's "Friday". For those who somehow haven't been exposed to it yet and want to keep it that way, you can get a good idea of the song's inanity from Andy Hutchins' transcription of the lyrics here, featuring such stellar thoughts as "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday/Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin')/We-we-we so excited." It turns out the video's made by the Ark Music Factory, which has a history of this kind of thing, but they certainly topped themselves with this one. Since the initial video's release, though, the web has been working to mock and redeem it with various twists, including a Bob Dylan version, a death metal version, a Chipmunks version and the sequel, "Saturday." None of those versions were performed by professional athletes, though, and that leads us to why we're talking about this on a CFL blog; Stampeders' quarterback and reigning CFL most outstanding player Henry Burris was guest-hosting a morning show on Calgary's Jack FM with Calgary Sun columnist Eric Francis yesterday, and Francis convinced Burris to do his own heavily-Autotuned version of "Friday," which you can see below:

The lyrics of the new version are below the jump:

"Friday, Friday, football's played on Friday/Gotta get down on Friday/F-R-I-D-A-Y/It's Friday, gonna break it down on Friday/Everyone's looking forward to the weekend/It's football on Friday, Friday Night Football/You get down on Friday, everyone's looking forward to the weekend/Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday/Gotta get down, gotta get down on Friday/Tomorrow is Saturday, tomorrow is Saturday/Sunday is afterwards."

The best part's the conversation Burris and Francis have at the end, though:

Burris: Ka-ching, ka-ching!
Francis: Yeah, that's big money.
Burris: We're going to cry all the way to the bank.

For reference, here's TSN's current Friday Night Football theme. Should the Burris track replace it?

I'd suggest that Burris probably shouldn't quit his day job just yet; after all, he was chosen as the CFL's most outstanding player last year, and he's probably got a better chance of repeating there than he does of winning a Juno. Still, on the continuum of Burris' non-football activities (which have ranged from embarrassing pictures in women's underwear and getting mocked for them to inaccurately predicting that the "Eastern media" would keep him from winning the Most Outstanding Player award), this is pretty good. He gets plenty of props for the effort he puts into carrying a joke like this (even if he does almost crack up laughing a couple of times during the song). I doubt TSN's going to use it as a Friday Night Football theme (even with the shoutout in there!), and their viewers will probably thank them,  but they should try it once at the start of the year; the reaction could be priceless. I don't know about you, but Burris' version of "Friday" certainly has me anticipating the return of football...

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