Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don King wins latest battle vs. Puerto Rican taco shop

Don King has a lot of enemies, but the latest takes the cake -- or should we say the taco. A taco shop owner in Puerto Rico -- Delia Lopez, aka Delia Esquilin -- claims she was wrongly bullied by the boxing promoter's company after Don King Productions sued her and her husband for intercepting the closed-circuit transmission of the Roy Jones Jr.-John Ruiz fight in 2003.

Delia Esquillin admitted the wrongdoing, and DKP was awarded $12,000. That's where the problems started. DKP never received the $12,000 and was awarded Esquilin's 1995 Toyota 4Runner as compensation. This taco-shop owner is no dummy; she found a technicality with the original ruling, filing a suit claiming that her last name wasn't Lopez and that the truck never should have been seized. In Sept. 2006, courts ordered the truck to be given back to Esquilin.  

King was reportedly a sore loser. He didn’t give back the car. Esquilin sued for a million bucks, citing "deprivation of the vehicle, extreme mental anguish and depression resulting from public humiliation, injury to her public dignity, and stress, which exacerbated her heart problems."

It's taken another three years for the case to be settled, sort of. The court, which has jurisdiction over issues in which at least $75,000 is involved, tossed out Delia's suit after determining that a rental car would only have cost her $22,500. But that doesn't mean she can't sue in another court.

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