Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dan Gilbert’s son inspires a charity shirt; Dan inspires a new poster

Our man Dan Gilbert often giveth and taketh away. This time, though, he's being pretty cool about it.

Earlier Friday, the Associated Press' Tom Withers tweeted about a shirt being introduced featuring Nick Gilbert's becoming-famous "What's not to like?" catchphrase being sold to benefit a charity. Now, via Trey Kerby, we know the details.

Here's the shirt:

(Forgot the question mark.)

Here are the details:

It's made by a company named Freshly Brewed Tees (that's a play on words), and sells for just under 25 bucks. For every one sold, the company will donate five dollars to The Children's Tumor Foundation, as the point of Nick Gilbert's lottery appearance (despite being there to be hilarious) was to raise awareness and money for the treatment of nerve disorders. Nick Gilbert suffers from Neurofibramitosis, and his father Dan will match the five bucks with the same amount out of his own pocket to give to the Foundation.

Very cool. This next one is also cool, though in kind of a nastier way.

We know that Gilbert owns Fathead, the posters that sell like hotcakes to people whose houses you never want to go into. Now, Gilbert is notorious for selling old LeBron James Fatheads (spurned by James last year, he still doesn't want to completely give up on that cash cow) for $17.41, because that's the year of Benedict Arnold's birth, because LeBron totally knows what's going on with that one.

And, because Gilbert (though not a Cleveland native) is one of the many Clevelanders tuning into this month's Eastern Conference finals in the hopes of watching James fall short of yet another championship, he was quick on the draw in putting out a poster of Taj Gibson dunking over LeBron's best mate Dwyane Wade. The sucker was out even before Game 2, according to the Karsch and Anderson show out of Detroit, and via Guyism.

This dunk was posterific
the moment it happened, and should have come out as a Fathead anyway, but the alacrity in Gilbert's company's response was … well, you know. Sans, in its comedy.

That's a play on words.

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