Friday, May 13, 2011

Better Know an MLS player: Omar Gonzalez

Welcome back to Better Know an MLS Player -- a new running feature where we pose a ridiculous series of questions to an MLS player in an effort to help you better know them. Last time, we started things off with Sporting KC striker Teal Bunbury, and now we bring you part two of our roughly 540-plus part series. So join us now as we better know LA Galaxy defender Omar Gonzalez!

1.�Starting off with a difficult question,�what makes you awesome? (Note: If we find your answer boring, we will photoshop you into an image of awesomeness.)

Omar: That's a tough one... Probably my height. �There's a misconception that all Mexicans are really short. �Well, I'm Mexican and I'm 6' 5". �I also have an uncanny ability to make any normal social situation extremely awkward. �I kinda pride myself on that... even though I can't really avoid it!

[Ed. Note: We're ruling that answer not boring...and kind of sad.]

2. What's the best part about being a professional footballer in the U.S.?

Omar: It's a really exciting time to be in the league. �It's expanding and gaining more and more recognition every day. �A few years ago, the MLS wasn't what it is today. �I'm proud to say I play for the MLS, specifically The Galaxy! �Also, the day-to-day training schedule isn't too bad either... especially when you are living in Los Angeles!

3. You were on Giada De Laurentiis' Food Network show. You got to eat her food and breathe her air. Please explain every single reason why this was the greatest experience ever.

Omar: First and foremost, she's so awesome. �Sweet, down-to-earth and really friendly. �And of course, her cooking is incredible. �We had a Greek Feast: sweet and spicy meatballs, Greek pizza and lots of wine. �Can't go wrong with that.

4. Do you use "I was the 2009 MLS Rookie of the Year" as a pick-up line? If so, does it work? If not, what is your preferred method of seduction? (Follow up: Did you casually mention this fact to Giada?)

Omar: I've never used it as a pick-up line but I may add it to my repertoire now that you mention it. �Method of seduction? �Kill 'em with kindness. �As for Giada, I'm friends with her husband so I don't think he'd be too keen on me trying to hit on his wife...

5. At 6'5", you're just two inches shorter than Peter Crouch. Are you also an expert at doing the robot or does that extra two inches make the difference?

Omar: Have you seen my John Wall?! �That beats the robot any day.

6. You took Landon Donovan, Todd Dunivant and Mike Magee to a Boyz II Men concert not too long ago. Why did this happen?

Omar: I didn't actually take them. �We all surprised Landon for his birthday.

7. What has been your weirdest experience with MLS fans? (Note: If you don't have one that's particularly weird, feel free to use your imagination.)

Omar: I did an appearance at Best Buy not too long ago. �There was a female fan who told me that on her Bucket List - things she wanted to do before she died - was to ask me out on a date. �And naturally, I made the situation really, really awkward.

8. What's your favorite David Beckham story that we wouldn't necessarily know about? Has he bought you dinner yet?

Omar: The first time he had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was a year ago! �And yes - he has taken us on a few team dinners. �Always a good time.

9. Pretend you're a journalist and make up a completely fictional transfer rumor.

Omar: Omar Gonzalez: Bought by FC Barcelona... as a Striker!

10. If you had supreme power, what's the first thing you would do to improve MLS?


11. Cristiano Ronaldo: Untalented or extremely untalented?

Omar: He's not�not talented. �(I can't hate on him...sorry.)

12. There's a lot of competition in central defense on the U.S. national team. Since playing well isn't always enough to get the recognized, if (and this is purely hypothetical) Bob Bradley were susceptible to bribes, what would you bribe him with to ensure a starting spot for yourself?

Omar: I'd be his butler, indefinitely! �You gotta do what you gotta do...

13. And finally, the�Andrei Arshavin Q&A Tribute Question: From zinja -- "As a future engineer, I'm interested in this question: if I stand with my feet on the rails, put pantyhose on my head and throw the ends on the wires, will I be able to go as a tram?"

Omar: :) �Does a bear s*** in the woods?

So there you have it. Omar refuses to betray his friends by hitting on their hot TV chef wives, he does the "John Wall," confirms that Davey Becks has bought his Galaxy teammates dinner (more than once!), wants more money for ALL MLS players, makes all situations incredibly awkward and knows how to handle a question from an Andrei Arshavin fan. Well done, Omar. And thank you.

Still want to know why the Galaxy boys took Landon Donovan to a Boyz II Men concert or just how Omar made that Best Buy situation so awkward? Well, ask him yourself. He's @Omar4Gonzalez on Twitter. You can also find the Galaxy @LAGalaxy. And watch Omar and his Boyz II Men loving teammates play the New York Red Bulls in a battle of the first place teams on Saturday night.

Photo: Omar's Twitter album

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