Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Andray Blatche presents ‘Lapdance Tuesday’

Bad news, everyone. Were you aware that Tuesday, May 3, was actually "Lapdance Tuesday"? It really was, according to Washington Wizards goofball forward Andray Blatche. And aw fiddlesticks, we missed it.

Silly us, we were watching the important (if not all that competitive) Game 2s between the Heat and Celtics, and Thunder and Grizzlies. I enjoyed a delicious burrito, and finished off my evening with a cup of green tea before falling asleep on the couch. And apparently I missed "Lapdance Tuesday," as sponsored by Blatche, down in a club in Miami. Oh, drat.

Blatche, as some of you know, is a little flighty. He's been busted before on solicitation and speeding charges, and though he has obvious gifts on the basketball court, he's more than typically prone to making poor on-court decisions. It's the most consistent part of his game.

And while there's nothing wrong with legally enjoying some adult entertainment amongst friends, or using your Z-level star power to hype up a club event on a Tuesday night (hey, the dancers on Tuesday need tips just as much as the dancers on Saturday do), the Wizards aren't exactly going to be demanding Blatche show up early for work anytime soon. Any time for the rest of the calendar year, actually.

But "Lapdance Tuesday," Andray? When just about everyone knows "Andray Blatche" as "the guy who gets by on talent alone," while adding in the "wasn't he arrested a few years back?" caveat? Did you really need the couple of thousand that this club paid you to hype up its random Tuesday night show?

Wait, you do? Uh oh.

(HT: DC Sports Bog.)

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