Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stampeders, Riders come out with donuts, ?All-Dressler? chips

When the Saskatchewan Roughriders followed "Fantuz Flakes" with the less-easily mocked "Dari-Os", it seemed like other CFL teams should step their food promotion game up. Unfortunately, we haven't yet seen "Lulay Loops", "Burris Bran" or "Ray's Krispies", but we have seen a few other food promotions. One of the best came Friday, when Canadian institution Tim Hortons rolled out their Calgary Stampeders' donuts (seen above).

Tim Hortons has done some other donuts in team colours before, but this is perhaps the most elaborate one I've seen. The Stampeders' logo on a (presumably Boston Cream, or "Vancouver Cream", depending on your hockey allegiance) donut perfectly designed to look like a football is a superb touch, and it's a neat promotion that should raise some interest in the Stampeders (who kicked off their season Saturday night against the Toronto Argonauts). Considering that Tim Hortons is a nationwide chain, though, it would be nice to see them pull off a similar stunt in each CFL market. Those donuts look good, too; they even convinced Calgary kicker Rob Maver to break his regular dietary routine! "Mmm... forbidden donut..."

However, that's not even the best food-based promotion this week. Once again, the honours there go to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who found a way to top "Dari-Os" even before they were officially released. It's the same chain of stores (Federated Co-op) that's involved, but the product they've come up with is even better. To honour star receiver Weston Dressler, perhaps the Riders' top option now Andy Fantuz is gone and Rob Bagg is hurt, the Co-op has come out with "All-Dressler" potato chips, pictured at right. It's a brilliant idea and a perfect pun.

Unfortunately, though, the Co-op wasn't able to restrain themselves, and that's led to some less-than-stellar ideas. They're apparently also selling Roughrider-branded corn chips, beef jerky and "facial tissue" (or Kleenex). If this keeps up, everything in Saskatchewan will carry a green-and-white logo. Still, good for them for doing some CFL marketing, and it would be great to see other markets follow suit. B.C. could endorse UPS with "What Can (Tim) Brown Do For You?", Montreal quarterback Anthony (A.C.) Calvillo is clearly destined for air-conditioning ads, and Toronto's Rob Murphy has a beer with his name on it. The more CFL promotions we get the better in my mind, as long as none of them involve Glen Suitor rapping...

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