Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brian Wilson's Latest Antic: A Spandex Tuxedo at the ESPYs

Honestly, did you expect Brian Wilson to show up quietly at the ESPYs?

The San Francisco Giants closer showed up to the 2011 ESPYs in style as he donned a tuxedo that turned heads. Why? Because this wasn't just any tuxedo, this was a spandex tuxedo.

Sadly, I can't even say I was surprised. I knew he would try and pull some stunt to call for everyone's attention. Personally, I was expecting maybe some cornrows in the now legendary beard of his, but to me, this stunt topped anything he has ever done, including growing out a beard.

Wilson walked the red carpet in his skin-tight tuxedo, complete with an orange bow tie, and a cougar cane. Yes, a cougar cane. Don't ask why, it's Brian Wilson. He can bring whatever accessories he pleases without question.

Wilson said that the most interesting comment he received on the outfit was when he was asked how he planned on going to the bathroom because it made him realize he hadn't quite thought that one through.

This stunt came less than 24 hours after Wilson pitched the final two outs of the 2011 All-Star Game. After the game, Wilson was asked what was in his beard. He replied that there were garden gnomes cutting down trees, and an Irish lady doing a jig in a certain section of his beard, although Wilson hadn't met this woman yet. 

Part of me wants to say this stunt went up and beyond having fun, and that Wilson was just dying for more attention. Because as Seth Meyers put it in the opening monologue of the ESPYs, its obvious that he hates attention.

But then I did some more thinking. The legend of Brian Wilson didn't really pick up until late last baseball season with the "Fear the Beard" campaign.

I personally did not know what this was because I was busy studying for midterms until I walked by a campus bar on my way home from a library, looked at the television outside to see the score of the Giants game, and then saw Brian Wilson's beard staring deep into my soul.

This was his first real chance to shine. It was his first ESPYs since growing out the beard that has become legendary. Something like this was going to happen, and I honestly don't think many people were surprised it did.

It's not Wilson looking for attention. It's Wilson doing what he does best; having fun. He has fun in all his interviews. I'm pretty sure he's never taken one seriously.

So why should an ESPYs outfit be any different? A fancy expensive tuxedo or three-piece suit? No way, not for Brian Wilson. That wouldn't be any fun.

The orange bow tie, gloves, and cougar cane would have probably been enough even with a normal tuxedo. But make that tuxedo a spandex one, and you have an outfit that only Brian Wilson could pull off.

So while you fans who have a thing for fashion are handing out your own awards for best outfits, make sure that Brian Wilson is the only nominee in that category.

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