Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Avoiding the munchies, slimmer Arreola looks to get career back on track

Chris Arreola simply hasn't treated his boxing career as a profession in recent years. The heavy-handed heavyweight has failed to monitor his diet and too often entered big fights carrying way too much extra weight.

The 30-year-old's career is far from over, but his spot as a solid draw is in jeopardy with a loss this weekend against Nagy Aguilera Arreola faces Aguilera on the undercard of the Andre Ward-Arthur Abraham fight this weekend at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Ca.

As an athlete, Arreola (30-2, 26 KOs) is far from a regular guy , but he does carry the fast food gene most of us average Joes battle on a daily basis.

"I'm not eating out as much as I used to. I make my own meals at home. At the most, I eat out once a week where I used to eat out every day. Eating out is horrible," Arreola told FightNews.com. "I would watch food commercials on T.V. and I would go and eat. I would even eat at midnight, one, or two in the morning. It makes a huge difference."

In era of increased knowledge about nutrition and training, that's ridiculous to hear from a former world title contender. Arreola says he's learned his lesson and this week, appears to be trimmer.

The Mexican-American, born just minutes away from the Home Depot Center in East L.A. and currently residing in Riverside, says he'll weigh between 234 and 239. That's down from 249 in his last fight and a high of 263 in Dec. of 2009 against Brian Minto.

A word of caution, we've heard this before about Arreola showing a new dedication to his conditioning. The true story will be told on the scale today and then in the ring tomorrow when his gas tank is tested.

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