Thursday, July 14, 2011

What?s written on Andy Murray?s Wimbledon bag?

They're clearly not tips on facial hair grooming or love notes to Feliciano Lopez, so what is it that's written all over Andy Murray's tennis bag at Wimbledon?

As part of a social media campaign with Head, Murray's bag at Wimbledon has been emblazoned with�inspirational notes sent in by fans on Facebook. An example: "Andy, you are a true champion! This is your year! We believe in you!"

The bag will be given away to one of Murray's Facebook followers after the tournament. Even if he wins the whole thing? Wouldn't The British Museum want to put that in a display if that happens?

That's�a moot point now, as Murray lost to�Rafael Nadal in their Wimbledon semifinal. As our friends at The Slice pointed out earlier on Twitter, Murray should hope somebody inscribed a note from a fan that included tips on how to get a ball past the speedy Nadal.

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