Sunday, July 10, 2011

WWE: Why TNA Impact's Destination X Could Signify New Direction of Wrestling

On Sunday July 10, TNA Impact Wrestling will be putting on their annual Pay-Per-View Destination X.

This PPV is a perfect example of the struggle between the wrestling of the old-school stars and the direction that the sport should be heading.

WWE and TNA have respect for their top stars and the stars of the past, but both companies have passed on great, young stars in favor of holding an alliance with these overrated, older wrestlers.

It seems the idea of hierarchy in both companies has led itself to the same old product, week in and week out, and the diehard fans are getting tired of it.

TNA has exploited this idea by pitting the legends of wrestling against the new, high-flying X division wrestlers. Wrestling has to be a mix of both the newcomers pushing the envelope and moving the sport forward and the older wrestlers that have earned their stripes.

Destination X is the perfect example of a product being put out there that will push the edge of what we know as the wrestling business. The card is a mix of established wrestlers and guys fighting for a contract, so you should expect complete effort from every party involved.

With matches like Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian and Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn, you have a mix of the greatest athletes in the world pushing the limits in some of the most physically gifted matches ever.

If the PPV numbers match the quality of talent on the card, this could start to hearken in the new generation of what wrestling is.

The high flying nature of the participants of this PPV will continue the movement that has been collecting steam since the late 80s. If wrestling hierarchies weren’t the normal across the board, the wrestling business would be even more powerful than it already is.

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