Thursday, July 14, 2011

Video of Tyson talking about Sheen?s drug tests and bizarre behavior

Mike Tyson is watching Charlie Sheen's roller coaster ride from afar, but he feels like he can relate to what the wayward actor is going through.

Joining the fellas at ESPN1100 in Las Vegas this week (video - NSFW), Tyson was asked about Sheen, his drug tests and recent behavior (2:03 mark).

"I don't know what's happening to Charlie.� If he's passing the tests everyone's giving him. He is acting a little bit strange, I like to be on the show too, but I believe that's my dark side thing.� We're going to get it together Charlie. I don't know where he's at. But this is where I've been, I don't know if he's there ? I've been a damn fool, I've been on drugs and embarrassed myself and other people too of course, and I thought I was awesome," Tyson said. "That's where I've been, so I don't know. I've been in places where I wish I could move under a rock and not look at myself no more. So I don't know, but Charlie doesn't seem to feel that way yet."

Sheen says he's clean and passed all his drug tests.��

Again, I don't know what Charlie's going to do. If he says he passed the tests, I'm great at tricking those tests when I was on drugs. I don't know if Charlie's doing that, but this is something I'm great at ? lying to myself," Tyson said. "But if he says he's passed the tests then I believe him 100 percent. But then we're dealing with a personality problem. I don't know. I just wish him the best of luck with everything."

Tyson hit rock bottom so many times, he lost count. Even early in his boxing career when his was on top of his game, Tyson's behavior away from the ring was risky. Entering the biggest fight of his life, his first title shot at 20 years old against Trevor Berbick, he was distracted (3:33 mark).

"Of course, I had VD. Of course I was embarrassed to tell anybody you know?� Well, I told my trainer Kevin Rooney, but I didn't understand, I'm just a 20-year-old sap. I'm thinking this is postponement because I'm sleeping with some tramp. I've got to tell you a story about that stuff, this is so crazy. So we went to the fight, I won and I was so excited to get out of there because I'm dripping with sweat like a [inaudible] in July," Tyson on that 1986 fight. "So I can't wait to get out of the ring. So that was over. But I had to persevere because this was my life, this championship was what I dreamt of all my life and I wasn't going to be denied."

Tyson says he was still a mess as recent as 2008, when he was using drugs heavily. He's shocked that he found a woman, who'd marry him in that state.

"When my wife married me, I was OD'ing every day. I was a mess. I didn't deserve a prostitute with full-blown AIDS. I could have gotten one, but I didn't deserve her. She was slummin' if she was with me at that stage," Tyson said of his current wife Lakiha . "We're putting it together. We're putting our foundation together one brick at a time, and it seems to be going well. We had to get reacquainted. We're started to get reacquainted now that we're married."

Tyson was in the ESPN1100 studios for an hour along with fellow boxer Zab Judah. The conversation was fascinating. Kudos to the interviewers @paulyhoward and @seatwilliams. Williams pushed the sports' angles well� and Howard was fearless in getting Tyson to open up like they were chums hanging at a bar.

Thanks to for transcribing the interview.

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