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Joe DiMaggio's Streak, Game 49: DiMaggio Continues His Roll Against Browns

Game 49: July 10, 1941

The All-Star Game break gave most Major Leaguers three days of much-needed rest. For Joe DiMaggio—the American League starting center fielder—the spotlight intensified.

While the July 8, 1941, Mid-Summer Classic wouldn’t count in the regular-season record books, DiMaggio nonetheless fretted: “What if I don’t get a hit? What will people think?” Joe asked a couple of teammates.

With more than 50,000 watching at Detroit’s Briggs Stadium, DiMaggio batted third. Boston’s Ted Williams hit right behind.

In one of the most dramatic All-Star Games ever played, DiMaggio got his hit—an eighth-inning double. DiMaggio would score three times in the 7-5 AL victory, but Williams managed to turn the lights down on DiMaggio.

The Splendid Splitter’s three-run, walk-off home run was the difference. For just a few innings, the pair of outfielders (who were rewriting the MLB record books as arch-rivals) were embracing in victory afterwards.

Even brother Dom DiMaggio got into the act. Dommy’s single drove in big brother Joe after that eighth-inning double—and the pair played outfield side by side for a few innings.

“Hey, Joe. Almost like the old North Beach days, huh?” barked a reporter at the post-game interviews.

“Nah. The pay’s better. And Ted never hit behind me back home,” came DiMaggio’s reply. Ted and Joe carried on, shared smokes and laughed together long after the scribes left the locker room.

After a restful day traveling from Detroit to St. Louis, DiMaggio quickly got into the swing of his streak.

Before 12,682 fans on Thursday, July 10, DiMaggio hit the second pitch he saw, and sent it into left field. Game No. 49 was in the books. The Yankees eked out a run before rain officially ended the game after five innings, 1-0.

The next two days would be kind to the Yankee Clipper, but became a stunning statement regarding the sad state of baseball in American League St. Louis.

The Browns were horrible, and despite The Streak that seemingly would never end, St. Louis fans didn’t care for their home team. is the official and authorized Web site of Joe DiMaggio. During the 70th anniversary of DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak, it is publishing “Reliving Joe DiMaggio’s Streak,” which follows the daily progress of Joltin' Joe in 1941. Series Archive

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