Monday, June 6, 2011

Steward says no more talking for Mayorga after Saturday night

Miguel Cotto has refrained from going tit-for-tat in the war words against crazy man Ricardo Mayorga. The Nicaraguan junior middleweight did everything he could this week to get under the skin of his Puerto Rican counterpart. Kudos to Cotto for staying out of the mud, but we can't say the same for his trainer Emanuel Steward, who couldn't hold his tongue.

Steward was matter of fact in his call of the fight.

"Miguel Cotto is going to knock out Mayorga. It won't go over four rounds. [Mayorga] has been training since January but he doesn't have the skills or the power," Steward said during the prefight presser.� "You can talk after the fight and Don can come up and waive one flag, a white flag."

Mayorga went batty, taking off his shirt and standing on a table.

"You're out of your class. You can pull your shirt off, you can get butt naked up here but it still doesn't mean you're going to win the fight. You won't be talking after Saturday night," Steward said. "You won't be pulling up nothing. You'll be laying flat on your back. We're planning our celebration. We've got two parties already planned."

Steward thinks the verbal bully is going to look silly.

"The two most important things in fighting Mayorga are: you don't let bully you and just let him run you down…. and you don't block his punches; you let him miss completely," said Steward.

Mayorga turned 38 today and probably has little left in the tank. As always, he'll probably be dangerous in the first few rounds. After that, all bets are off. As long as Cotto stays composed, he should be able to pick him apart. Any chance Cotto's loses his cool and gets suckered into a firefight?

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