Monday, June 20, 2011

Gary Neville threw an awful first pitch at a White Sox game

Now that his testimonial match has been played and he's completely retired, Gary Neville is settling into a life of smiles and schmoozing as an ambassador for Manchester United. Odd as it may seem, his most recent task was to travel to Chicago and throw out the first pitch at Thursday night's game between the White Sox and Oakland A's at U.S. Cellular Field to promote Man United's match against the Chicago Fire on July 23.

After signing a few autographs, buttoning up his personalized White Sox jersey and shaking hands with crazypants White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, the former Man United defender took the mound to throw his ceremonial pitch. It seems a lifetime of playing football has left him unaware of his own arm strength, because he threw that pitch way over the catcher's head and almost hit a group of women standing well behind home plate.

Credit to Gary for getting as much muscle into that pitch as he did, though. Many first-pitch throwers can't even get it to the plate, let alone come dangerously close to pegging someone standing back by the seats in the leg.

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