Thursday, June 16, 2011

Video: Andy Murray’s excellent, completely unnecessary Tweener

There are three types of Tweeners: the ones that you need to do, the ones that you probably don't need to do and the one that Andy Murray hit in Monday's final at Queen's Club against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga:

Because The Tennis Channel didn't show the match live and my stream was conking out, I followed the end of Murray-Tsonga via a BBC Sport's running diary. Here's what it wrote about the shot:

And that is one of the finest tennis shots I've ever seen! The keen footballer lets an outstretched Tsonga return drift through his open legs before bringing the racquet round to lift a deftly-angled volley across the net on a silver platter. Incredible. Moments like that are so rare in sport.

Moments like what? A fine player raising his leg like a dog on a fire hydrant in order to hit a fairly easy shot that's been attempted by everyone who's ever picked up a racquet in their lives?

I'm sorry for yelling. That diary really got my hopes up that the shot was a 10 when it was only a five or six, at best.

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