Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dancing Ahmed reminds us of dancing Hamed

Let's play boxing world scramble. Usman Ahmed and Prince Naseem Hamed are pretty close, right? The fighters are similar in more ways than meets the eye.

This goofy video of Ahmed dancing his way to the ring felt like deja vu. Watch the flyweight boogie on down and then nearly have his taken off at the 1:03 mark by Ashley Sexton.

There's nothing fans love more than watching a showboat get crushed. Before his fight against Wayne McCullough in 1998, Hamed came to the ring to theme of "Thriller."

When Hamed took a big step up in competition, Marco Antonio Barrera taught him a lesson and even slammed his head into the corner (5:45 mark).

The worst part about Ahmed is that he's barely established himself in the game. He hasn't fought since December and sports a very pedestrian 6-4 record. Hamed went 36-1 and at different times held the 126 belt with three different sanctioning bodies.

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