Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1976 Olympian Davis not impressed by dos Santos’ boxing

The early line is out for the proposed Cain Velasquez-Junior dos Santos heavyweight title fight. Velasquez is a solid favorite at minus-150 which surprises because we keep hearing that JDS has the best boxing in the heavyweight divisiion.

Howard Davis Jr., a 1976 Olympic Gold medalist, isn't one of those viewers impressed with the Brazilian's boxing.

"If you compare it to boxing it wasn't that good. It was okay for MMA," Davis told Alex Donno from 790 the Ticket in Miami. "If he was a pure boxer, he would've knocked him out a long time ago. He just seemed cautious and scared. He didnt throw enough jabs. He should've put him away."

Davis doesn't believe JDS showed enough killer instinct.

"If Chuck Liddell [in his prime] was a heavyweight fighting one of these guys, especially Shane carwin, he would've knocked him out," said Davis. "Chuck was a fast starter. He didn't play. He tried to put you away. These guys are just too tentative too me."

Davis also pointed out that Liddell was wise in allowing injured fighters to get back to their feet, where he would try to inflict more damage.

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