Friday, June 17, 2011

Celeb jiu-jitsu showdown: Ashton Kutcher vs. ‘Al Bundy,’ who wins?

A guy breaks into your home and gets on top of you. Can you find a way to get yourself off the floor?

Here's a shocker. Ed O'Neill of "Al Bundy" fame from "Married with Children" would probably be standing in a matter of seconds and chances are Ashton Kutcher would have no shot of rising to his feet. You ask why? The 61-year-old O'Neill has been training jiu-jitsu for 15 years, meanwhile Kutcher is a novice, who borrowed a black belt, during this recent visit to Brazil.

Black Belt Magazine tells the story that O'Neil, who played a dumpy shoe salesman on FOX's hit television show, got hooked on jiu-jitsu during a quick visit to Rorian Gracie's gym in Torrance, Ca.

O'Neil was pushed by a producer/writer friend John Milius to visit the gym. Gracie put "Al Bundy" through the robber drill and he failed.

Taking the bait, he asked Gracie how he'd managed to maintain complete control (while on top of O'Neil). Once the principle was explained the simplicity of the art floored O'Neil. He set up an appointment to begin training and has been rolling ever since.

Black Belt reports that in 2007, O'Neil received his black belt.

"Ed has a vast knowledge of moves," Gracie said. "He has great execution of the techniques and does them with a certain level of ease. We're worked with this guy every single week for 15 years."

Maybe Kutcher, 33, will have his black belt in 15 years. The photo is from Rio de Janeiro where Kutcher stopped in to visit a Carlson Gracie disciple.

Ashton Kutcher, [was in] yesterday, June 13, [to see] Ricardo de la Riva, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Ashton showed that understands the subject and trained very well with the black belts of the academy.

Ashton learned the secret of one of the world's most famous guards, the De la Riva guard, which was demonstrated by the master himself, to the finest detail.

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