Saturday, July 9, 2011

Villas-Boas says he could?ve made more money at Porto than Chelsea

Many decisions on where people go in the world of football (and in the world of the world, I suppose) are chalked up to either money or family considerations. Or both. But new Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas revealed in his first press conference that he moved for neither. In fact, he even kind of did it in spite of his family.

From The Mirror:

"I can assure you that Porto could beat that offer," he said. "They were ready to make a competitive offer for me to stay, but I took the challenge.

"I've made some very difficult moves in my life. One of them was leaving a crazy salary at Inter (Milan), as an assistant, to join the bottom club in Portugal (Academica).

"So I just felt it inside me that I should take the opportunity and the move.

"Against the will of everybody, against the will of my family, I took that."

Explaining their concerns, he said: "We have spent seven years moving around from London to Milan to Coimbra to Porto and now to London. This causes an emotional instability in any family."

He added jokingly: "Let's see if we're speaking when I get back. Maybe my bags will be waiting for me at the door..."

Hahaha his family hates him. That's hil-arious.

Jokes aside, this should prove that the intentions of the so far unimpeachable Villas-Boas are good. Even if it might be hard to believe that Porto could have matched the �15 million over the next three years that Chelsea reportedly have agreed to pay him. He ignored better money and familial stability just so he could pursue a new challenge.

Further endearing him to Chelsea fans upon his return to the club, Villas-Boas also announced that former Chelsea player and West Brom manager Roberto Di Matteo will be his assistant. Hopefully Roberto has a futon that Andre can sleep on if/when his family kick him out.

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