Monday, July 4, 2011

Takeru Kobayashi: Did Hot Dog Eating Outlaw Kobayashi Taint Chestnut?s 5th Win?

The Nathan?s Hot Dog Eating contest has become a staple of the Fourth of July, and this year was a great example of what the competition is all about.

Eating champion Joey Chestnut stole the show with 62 hot dogs in ten minutes, and won his fifth consecutive championship.

While all of the celebration was going on in Coney Island, seven miles away at a roof-top bar in Manhattan, six time Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest winner Takeru Kobayashi was battling the contest himself.

Kobayashi was banned from the competition after troubles with the organizers of the contest, but the story that Major League Eating has is that Kobayashi chooses not to enter because he cant win.

It was on the roof-top bar that the stories that Kobayashi ate 69 hot dogs in the same amount of time that it took Chestnut to eat 62 hot dogs.

Sports Grid is reporting:

Kobayashi competed with the same rules and time limit as the guys in Coney, albeit under different conditions and without the presence of Nathan?s official scorekeepers. It?s doubtful that Kobayashi?s world record will be acknowledged by Major League Eating (yes, that?s a real thing), and ESPN made no mention of Kobayashi?s breaking of the world record. Even in the crowd at 230 Fifth, there were some that were skeptical of the ?69,? tally.

If this turns out to be true, the world of competitive eating will be shaken to its core with what could be some devastating news.

Chestnut has become an American favorite, and the ideas that he is dodging anyone will not be accepted by the diehard eating fans.

If these two eating giants want to squash all the drama and rumors, they have to join forces and have a one-on-one battle for the Mustard Yellow Nathan?s Hot Dog Eating Contest belt. The winner of that competition would be the undisputed hot dog eating champion of the world.

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