Thursday, July 7, 2011

Standing room only tickets for Oregon-LSU cost more than for a Cowboys game

Tickets for the "Cowboys Stadium Classic" between LSU and Oregon are sold out, but Friday, the Cowboys plan to release standing room only seats.

If you're willing to pay nearly double what you would for a Cowboys standing room only ticket.

That's right, the Cowboys are taking advantage of the demand and charging $50 for a "spirit pass" which is a fancy name for a ticket that gets you in the door and access to the six decks located in the end zones of the stadium. Of course it's first come, first served, so there's no telling whether you'll actually see the game on the field or be stuck watching the contest on the giant scoreboard, but hey, it's the experience, right?

To be fair, $50 spirit passes were also sold for last year's Cotton Bowl between LSU and Texas A&M.

A quick call to the Cowboys ticket office confirmed that a standing room only ticket for a regular season Cowboys game for the upcoming season (if a season exists) would be about $29, though the price hasn't been set

"If it's not $29, it should be around that for this season," Chase, the ticket salesman, said.

Tickets for the Cowboys Stadium Classic were originally sold for $50 for students all the way up to $250 for club seats and access to the field level club.

While this is one of the best games on college football's early slate, not sure it's worth $50 to cram yourself into a small, crowded area, watch the scoreboard and here the roar of the crowd. You could get the same experience at a sports bar and the beers are probably cheaper.

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