Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pele told Neymar to stop diving

Pele has never been known for handing out the best advice -- especially to young Brazilian footballers looking to make the jump to Europe -- but he has told 19-year-old Neymar at least one thing that was genius: Stop. Diving.

From the AP:

"He is a player with a body that can't take a lot of hits," Pele told a news conference. "A lot of times he will fall because he can't do anything else, but he was overdoing it.

"Even when he is fouled, he can't make a spectacle out of it," he said. "I told him that he really needs to avoid that."

So, Pele acknowledges that skinny Neymar can't take a lot of hits, yet he still decided to try and break him by having the kid carry him and his Velcro shoes a while back. Or maybe that was just some kind of Pele punishment for diving. "Every time you go down easy, you must carry Pele to his doctor's appointments! Tell your biceps to stop snapping!"

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