Friday, May 20, 2011

Video analysis: Is Margarito really getting a Cotto rematch?

Antonio Margarito is slowly being welcomed back into the boxing world. That doesn't mean everyone is greeting him with open arms.

During last week's Miguel Cotto-Ricardo Mayorga fight in Las Vegas, Margarito's picture was flashed on the massive scoreboard at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The crowd didn't exactly greet him with a standing ovation. Quite the opposite. The 7,000-plus showered the disgraced fighter with catcalls.

His California suspension for using loaded gloves during his fight with Shane Mosley is still fresh in the minds of many. It probably didn't help that the Mexican's picture was shown to a large gathering of Puerto Rican fight fans either. Margarito was caught using plaster on his hand wraps versus Mosley, but many people believe he did the same thing in his fight against Cotto too.

Funny enough, less than an hour after Cotto finished off Mayorga, his promoter Bob Arum was introducing Margarito during the postfight press conference and strongly hinting at the fact that he'll be fighting the Puerto Rican next.

Yahoo!'s lead boxing writer Kevin Iole joined us to talk about why Margarito's getting the first crack at Cotto.

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