Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mario Gomez looking creepy in a park

Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez and his friend Pe- uh, Berni the Bear made an appearance not long ago at a Munich children's park (video here, at the source of the photo) and, I don't know, something about these images just seemed...unsettling.

"What's wrong with a famous athlete and his cuddly buddy donating their time to a worthy cause?" you might say. In theory, absolutely nothing. It's great. But between the hair and unintentionally menacing facial expressions, your first instinct should be to run as fast as you can while spraying a cloud of mace behind you.

"Oh, that's a bit much," you think. Is it? Have a look at this...


Don't get too close to your screen because Mario can and will pull you through that hole. I'm not kidding. Seriously, he just did it to my cousin Frank. Frank's gone now.

Thanks to @nijusaroan for the tip! For more creepy pictures of Bayern Munich players, check out my look at their merchandise catalog.

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